Current conditions in Zlatina

Due to continuing problems with my website host, hostpapa, and their failure to resolve them and now, with problems with my weather station, I have decided to discontinue this portion of the weather subset of my site. You may still be able to access up-to-date information that is unrelated to my weather station but, for the time being at least, I cannot provide data relevant to Zlatina.
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Summary / Temperature Wind Rain Outlook Webcam
Clear Clear
Currently: -1.6, Max: 6.5, Min: -1.7 -1.6°C

Uncomfortably Cold

Feels like: -2°C

24-hr difference
-16.8°CColder 16.8°C than yesterday at this time.
  Today Yesterday
High: 6.5°C
Low: -1.7°C
 Wind from NE NE
1.1 km/h
0 Bft - Calm
Today: 9.7 km/h 00:59
High gust: 43.9 km/h Mar. 14
Rain Today: 0.0 mm
Rain Rate (/hr): 0.0 mm
Rain Yesterday: 0.0 mm
This Month: 13.5 mm
Season Total: 85.5 mm
108 days since last rain.

View south towards the Provadisko plateau.
Click to view.
Humidity & Barometer Almanac Moon
Humidity: 95 %  
Dew Point: -2.3°C  
Barometer: 1009.5 hPa Rising 0.3  hPa/hr
Baro Trend: Rising slowly
Sunrise: 06:15
Sunset: 18:22
Moonset: 04:02
Moonrise: 14:35
Waning Crescent
Waning Crescent, Moon at 24 days in cycle
UV Index Forecast UV Index Forecast
8.3     Very High 
8.2     Very High 
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WU forecast:

WU forecast:
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